What is the relationship between AEON Laser and Pomelo Laser?

Many people are confused about these two companies. The AEON Laser and Pomelo Laser are the same company actually. We registered two companies, Pomelo laser got the right to export goods to overseas markets. So, the invoice and bank account are in Pomelo Laser. AEON Laser is the factory and holds the brand name. We are one company.

Why your machines are expensive than other Chinese suppliers, why you are different with other Chinese laser machine manufacturers?

This should be a very long answer. To make it short:

First and most important, we design, other Chinese companies just copy.

Second, we selected parts because it is the best to fit our machine, not because of the price or the function. A lot of Chinese manufactures just adopted the best parts, but they don’t know how to make a good machine. Artists can create beautiful art with ordinary pens, Same parts are in different manufacturers, the quality difference of the final machine can be huge.

Third, we test machines carefully. We have set up very strict testing rules and procedures, and we really enforce them.

Fourth, We improve. We react fast to customers’ feedback, and improve our machine whenever is possible.

We want a perfect machine, whereas other Chinese manufacturers just want to earn money fast. They don’t care what craps they are selling, we care. That’s why we could do better. To do better will cost more,  that is for sure. But, we’ll never let you down...

Can I buy your machine directly through your factory?

We won’t encourage end customers to buy from us directly. We are increasing more agents, distributors, and resellers throughout the world. If we got distributors in your area, please buy from our distributors, they’ll offer you complete service and take care of you all the time. If we don’t have agents or distributors in your area, you could buy from us directly. If you can't find your local distributor, please contact us directly!

Can I resell your machine in our country?

Yes, we welcome agents, distributors, or resellers to sell our machines in their area. But, we have some exclusive agents in some countries. Please feel free to contact us to check the opportunity to represent us in your market.

Are these machines designed in China?

Yes, many people are skeptical about our machines, they doubt these machines were not designed by the Chinese. We could tell you that these machines are completely designed by our team in China. We got all the patents here in China. And will continue to design excellent machines in the future.

What is your warranty policy? How do you fulfill it?

We got one year warranty on our machine.

For laser tube, mirrors, focus lens, we offer 6 months’ warranty. For RECI laser tube, they were covered in 12months.

For guide rails, we could cover 2 years warranty.

During warranty period, if got problems, we’ll send replacement parts for free.

2.Does the machine comes with Chiller, Exhaust fan and air compressor?

Yes, our machines got special design, we built in all necessary accessories inside the machine. You will get all necessary parts and software to run the machine for sure.

3.What is the difference between VEGA and NOVA machines.

The NOVA series of machine all got electric up and down table, VEGA does not have it. This is the biggest difference. The VEGA machine got a funnel table and a drawer to collect the finished products and waste. The VEGA machine can’t use autofocus function, as this function is based on the up and down table. The standard VEGA machine does not include a honeycomb table. Other places are same.

How do i know the tube is nearly used up?

The normal color of the laser beam is purple while working. When a tube is dying, the color will become white.

What’s the difference between the different laser tubes?
Usually, the power of the tube is decided by two parameters:
1. The length of the tube, the longer the tube is the more powerful.
3.The diameter of the tube, the bigger the tube is the more powerful.

What’s the life time of laser tube?

The normal life tube of a laser tube is about 5000 hours according to how you use it.

My door is too narrow, can you take apart the machine body?

Yes, the machine body can be taken apart into two sections to pass through narrow doors. The minimum height of the body after being taken apart is 75CM.

Can I attach a 130W laser tube on MIRA9?

Technically, yes, you could attach 130W laser tube on MIRA9. But, the tube extender will be very long. It does not look very good.

Do you have a fume extractor?

Yes, our MIRA series all got a special fume extractor design and manufactured by us, it can be a support table as well.

Can I install different lens in your laser head?

Yes, you could install 1.5 inch and 2 inch focus lens in MIRA laser head. For NOVA laser head, you could install 2 inch,2.5 inch and 4inch focus lens.

What is the standard size of your reflective mirror?

Our standard mirror size for MIRA is 1pcs Dia20mm, and 2pcs Dia25mm. For the NOVA machine, the three mirrors are all 25mm in diameter.

What software is suggested to design my jobs?

We suggest you use CorelDraw and AutoCAD, You can design all your artworks in these two software and then send to the RDWorksV8 software to set the parameters easily.

What files is the software compatible with?


Can your laser engrave on metal?

Yes and No.
Our laser machines can engrave on anodized metal and painted metal directly.

But it cannot engrave on bare metal directly. (This laser can only engrave on a few parts of bare metals directly by using the HR attachment at a very low speed)

If you need to engrave on bare metal, we would suggest you to use thermark spray.

Can I use your machine to cut PVC material?

No. Please do not cut any material containing chlorine-like PVC, Vinyl, etc., and other toxic material. when heated releases chlorine gas. This gas is toxic and poses a health risk as well as being very corrosive and harmful to your laser.

What software do you use on your machine?

We got different controller that compatible with several engraving and cutting software, RDworks is the mostly used. We got our own designed software and a version of paid software as well.