In recent years, in the furniture manufacturing industry, laser technology has also been used for cutting and engraving, which has achieved good results and improved the quality and work efficiency of furniture manufacturing.


There are two ways to work with laser technology in the furniture manufacturing process: engraving and cutting. The engraving method is similar to embossing, that is, non-penetrating processing. Engraving for patterns and text. The related graphics can be processed by computer for two-dimensional semi-processing, and the depth of engraving can generally reach more than 3 mm.


Laser cutting is mainly used in the manufacture of furniture for the cutting of veneer. MDF veneer furniture is the mainstream of current high-end furniture, regardless of neo-classical furniture or modern panel furniture using MDF veneer production is a development trend. Now the use of veneer inlays of different colors and textures in the production of neo-classical furniture has produced elaborately-designed furniture, which has improved the taste of furniture, and also increased the technical content of furniture and increased profits. space. In the past, the cutting of the veneer was manually sawn by a wire saw, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the quality was not guaranteed, and the cost was high. The use of laser-cut veneer is easy, not only doubling the ergonomics, but also because the laser beam diameter is up to 0.1 mm and the cutting diameter on the wood is only about 0.2 mm, so the cutting pattern is unparalleled. Then through the process of jigsaw, paste, polishing, painting, etc., create a beautiful pattern on the surface of the furniture.


This is an “accordion cabinet”, the outer layer of the cabinet is folded like an accordion. The laser-cut wood chips are manually attached to the surface of a fabric such as Lycra. The ingenious combination of these two materials makes the surface of the wood piece soft and elastic like a cloth. The accordion-like skin encloses the rectangular cabinet, which can be closed like a door when not in use.


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